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The Theory of Multidimensional Reality

Moses and the Ten Code Systems


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If you want to know what causes the Ice Age this is the book for you!

God’s Day of Judgment,
The Real Cause of Global Warming

Gods Day of Judgment

It has taken the author, Douglas Vogt, 8 years to finish this landmark book that contains over 60 major scientific discoveries. It represents over 36 years of research on the subject. Part of it is a continuation of his first book Reality Revealed, The Theory of Multidimensional Reality. The book proves the causes for the global warming, the ice ages and polar reversals. He proves that the current global warming is a result of our Sun’s output increasing since the 1890s. This will all culminate in the polar reversal and our sun will nova in October 2046. Almost no one will survive this event unless the world realizes this and acts now!

The author as permitted the complete chapters 3 and 8 be placed here for download because of the seriousness of what he has discovered. Chapter 3 presents the basic philosophy and chapter 8 has the complete explanation of the causes for the ice age and geomagnetic reversals and why we have global warming.

Click the picture link and have a chance to read an expanded Table of Contents and samples of all 12 chapters.

Price is $19.95 for hardcover and $15.95 for the paperback
(496 pages, 720 references, full index. Free Shipping )

We try to publish subjects that have a major impact on civilization or its institutions. We publish books about original discoveries in science, religion, and history.

Science and Religion both shape society. If either are teaching us the wrong "truth" then society is in big trouble, which is the case now. The sciences are supposed to give us a better physical life, discover new things and warn us of impending danger and hopefully tell us how to avoid it. The religious institutions are supposed to give man a code of morals, a sense of justice and lead us to the correct path in life. Two of the world’s biggest "great" religions are founded upon the writings of two powerful families, one a Roman family by the name of Calpurnius Piso and the other a Saudi family by the name of Quraysh. People of the world know little of their existence or why they wrote their "holy books."

Man can believe whatever he wants for about 12,000 years but if he does not discover how the Universe really works, he is wiped of the face of the Earth in one day at the time of the geomagnetic reversal (Polar reversal). We are within 38 years of the next Polar Reversal and Ice Age and man knows nothing about it. It is time we all find out what has happened to mankind and why we are in this predicament while we still have time to change and save ourselves.

The books we publish are trying to fix thousands of years of false history imposed upon man by rich and powerful families so man can proceed ahead unfettered by these lies and other fictional stories. Our science books introduce an alternate view of existence, which states that the Universe is the product of information and matter is not the dominant thing in the Universe.

Science Subjects:
Reality Revealed: The Theory of Multidimensional Reality is the first information theory of existence. A break-through in philosophy of science, a classic must read! This historically important philosophy of science books is the first in history to theorize the Universe is the product of information and apply the theory to most of the known phenomena in physics. Reality Revealed, the first information theory of existence, explains many of the hardest phenomena in the Universe such as: the causes of the ice ages, polar reversals, mass extinctions, gravity, light, pyramid energy, kirlian photography, psychic phenomena, and more. A break-through in philosophy of science, a classic must read!

Gravitational Mystery Spots Of The United States: Gravitational Mystery Spots of the United States is the first book that scientifically explains the gravitational anomalies found at the Organ Vortex, the Santa Cruz Mystery Spot and other in the United States. The book does this by using the authors Theory of Multidimensional Reality. This historically important book explains why people and objects get smaller as they approach the center of these vortexes. Find out why it takes greater force to push a weight towards the center of the vortex than away. Find out why trees bend inside the vortex. The author did time experiments in these gravitational anomalies and found that time sped up and sometimes slowed down. The “flow” of time was changing dynamically over time! The book gives a complete description of the experiments performed at these “mystery spots.”

God's Day of Judgment The Real Cause of Global Warming: Douglas Vogt's latest work. God’s Day of Judgment; The Real Cause of Global Warming is a totally unique book. It represents 35 years of research in many fields. The thrust of Mr. Vogt’s book is to fully explain the cause of the polar reversal and resulting ice age. At the time of the polar reversal, our Sun novas and that is what eventually causes the ice age. Using the existing matter theories of existence there is no connection between what happens in the center of the Earth and the center of the Sun but the geological evidence on the Earth and Moon proves there is a connection. The model used to explain the mysteries of the ice age is his Theory of Multidimensional Reality, the first information theory of existence. The author proves that there is a very high probability the next polar reversal will happen between September and December 2046. He found the exact date encoded in the Torah. In addition, he discovered the exact number of years between polar reversals, which is 12,068 years. The Torah has this same number encoded in its text.It also answers the age-old religious question: What is God’s Day of Judgment and when will it happen? Douglas Vogt offers 60 major scientific discoveries or reinterpretations and 60 major Biblical discoveries. He is the first in 2595 years to discover where the real Mount Sinai was located including all the altars Moses describes in the Torah. Photos of some of these altars are in the book.

Religious Subjects:

Islam, its Koran, Hadith, and it's Leadership: This book explains how the Kureish family wrote the Koran and inserted 10 fictional characters into the Koran. This book presents a possible way for the worlds great religions can come to a meeting of the minds and declare a peace between themselves before the world is involved in a world-wide religious war.

Political Subjects:

The author Douglas Vogt, has spent a lot of time investigating President Obama's Certificate of Live Birth (also known as the Long Form) and have proven it is a fraud. He is the first person to file a formal complaint with the FBI in May of 2011. We will present to you some of the research he has done here. There will by more research presented by February 2013.

Barach Obama's Fraud Birth Certificate

Obama Birth Certificate Fraud


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