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List of 60 Major Biblical Discoveries

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    1. The number 12,068 number embedded in code thought the Torah.
    2. Why the chapters and verses of the Torah add up to 6,034.
    3. The total chapters and verses of the whole Hebrew Scriptures total 24,136.
    4. Some of the Old Testament books were written by a Roman, Arius Calpurnius Piso.
    5. Chapters 40 to 66 of Isaiah were written by Piso.
    6. Who and what is God in relation to the Universe.
    7. The actual model that creates the Hebrew Alphabet and what it represents.
    8. Closed-end string theory and how it relates to the model of the Hebrew alphabet.
    9. The formula that creates the Hebrew alphabet.
    12. The 22 letters are grouped into three distinct geometric shapes.
    11. The Star of David is derived from one of these shapes.
    10. The letters represent vectors that are converted into plains forming shapes.
    13. The shape and model of the letters reveal the true origin of the Hebrew alphabet.
    14. The letters and resulting shapes reveal the true nature of the Torah.
    15. What kind of civilization would create the tablets of the Torah.
    16. Why the Torah is considered the book of life.
    17. The real location of the cave of Machpelah.
    18. The real reason Abraham purchased the cave and land around it.
    19. The real location of Abrahams' altar.
    20. The real meaning of the names associated with the purchase of the cave.
    21. The code systems Moses used in writing the surface story of the Torah.
    22. Where the mount of God is where Elijah the prophet fled to.
    23. Where Moses actually went when he saw the burning bush.
    24. The approximate location of the Garden of Eden.
    25. Location of the land of Tilmun (Dilmun).
    26. The location of the destination of Gilgamesh.
    27. What the Rod of God really was.
    28. How Moses used the Rod or God.
    29. How God communicated with Moses before the Ark was built.
    30. How was the Rod used and how it worked.
    31. Discovery of the real mount Sinai.
    32. Discovery of all the altars Moses had built at mount Sinai.
    33. How the Tabernacle worked.
    34. The correct length of the sacred cubit.
    35. The holy numbers revealed within all the dimensions given in the Torah.
    36. The real dimensions of the ark.
    37. How the Ark worked.
    38. Which components on the Ark were the product of an advanced civilization.
    39. How and where was the voice of God heard above the Ark.
    40. The different names given for mount Sinai.
    41. The different names used for mount Zion.
    42. Who was Solon and where did he come from?
    43. Why the mythologies and prehistory of the Hebrews, Greeks, Hindus and Chinese are all similar?
    44. Who was Baruch and which names did he write under?
    45. What is God's Day of Judgment?
    46. When will the next Day of Judgment occur?
    47. When did the "End of Days" start.
    48. Who was Joseph in Egypt?
    49. What will the new temple be?
    50. Mount Sinai will be found--fulfilled.
    51. Will God be King of the Jews again?
    52. The origin of the word "Zion."
    53. Design of the new altar in the new temple.
    54. The secret of redemption.
    55. What happened to the lost tribes in the Sinai desert?
    56. How can man survive the next polar reversal and ice age?
    57. How does God make events happen the way He wants?
    58. What causes reverse speech?
    59. Why are the tenses in the Torah reversed.
    60. Discovery of time lines and patterns in history.