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List of 60 Major Scientific Discoveries and redefinitions

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  1. An Information theory of existence that says the Universe is the product of information.
  2. What causes gravity?
  3. A redefinition of dimensions.
  4. The relationship between information, matter, light and energy.
  5. Discovery of a clock cycle and synchronizing frequency in the Universe.
  6. Discovery of a clocking mechanism in the center of the Sun and Earth.
  7. What is light?
  8. What creates the light spectrum?
  9. The real nature of the atom. What really makes up the atoms?
  10. Why atoms hop around.
  11. Why isotopes exist in our Universe.
  12. Alternative explanation for thermonuclear reactions.
  13. What is Planck’s constant in relation to our matter world?
  14. What causes the fine structure?
  15. What causes light refraction?
  16. What creates light dispersion?
  17. Why the natural log is present in our Universe?
  18. Why a pyramid built to a specific angle will preserve things put inside?
  19. A philosophy for string theory.
  20. What forms Quasars?
  21. What causes the phantom leaf effect of Kirilian photography and what is it telling us about our reality?
  22. What causes delayed radio signals?
  23. What is time?
  24. What causes Alzheimer patients to loose short-term memory?
  25. Proof the polar reversal is caused by a clock cycle in the Universe.
  26. All the events leading up to, during and after the polar reversal and resulting ice age.
  27. The evidence on the Moon and the Earth that our Sun novas.
  28. Dating problems with carbon-14 dating during polar reversals.
  29. The cause of the ice fields 12,000 years ago.
  30. Correlating six ice ages with the six blank periods in space.
  31. What caused the dramatic sea level drops 12,000 to 11,000 years ago?
  32. Why radioactive isotopes are found in ocean sediments associated with ice ages.
  33. What caused mammoths to be fast frozen in Siberia?
  34. What mechanism creates the submarine canyons?
  35. Why our Sun novas during the polar reversal.
  36. What really powers the Sun?
  37. What really created the Kuiper belt?
  38. Why glass beads were found on the Moon and other evidence of a stellar nova.
  39. The same glass beads were found on the Earth.
  40. Where the tektites and manganese nodules came from.
  41. What happened to the oceans and rivers found on Mars?
  42. Why pyramids were found on Mars.
  43. What event creates comets?
  44. What is causing global warming?
  45. Why successive sunspot cycles are increasing in intensity.
  46. Why sea surface temperatures are increasing with sunspot cycles.
  47. Why the polar ozone layer is decreasing during sunspot maximum.
  48. Why the magnetic field of the Earth is decreasing.
  49. Why is there an increase in earthquakes during sunspot maximum?
  50. What mechanism causes the polar reversal and how often it occurs?
  51. Why the Earth was warmer in the distant past.
  52. Why there is an increase in volcanic activity just after sunspot maximum.
  53. Why there is an increase in volcanic activity at the time of the polar reversal.
  54. What caused the mass extinction of species at the time of the polar reversal?
  55. What mechanism creates the new species just after the polar reversal?
  56. When is the next polar reversal and nova?
  57. Who else knows our Sun novas?
  58. Why was our Universe created?
  59. If God created the Universe, then who created God?
  60. What is man's purpose in the Universe?