God's Day of Judgment, The Real Cause of Global Warming

The Religious and Scientific Discoveries Revealed in this Book


    This book is the second iteration of The Theory of Multidimensional Reality. It is a breakthrough in the subjects of science, religion and philosophy because it unites the first two and changes the third. The book contains both scientific and religious topics and for the first time in history defines who God is in relation to the Universe. You will learn from chapters 2 and 3 that you cannot separate the two. Mr. Vogt came to this conclusion after discovering the exact number of years between geomagnetic reversals (polar reversals) was secretly embedded in all the dimensions given in the Torah, using a simple multiplication formula  covered in Chapter 2. The paramount reason the author was able to discover what nobody before him was able to was because of his information theory of existence that unlocked everything including the correct model that created the original Hebrew Alphabet covered in Chapter 4. This discovery was later expanded upon in his book Creation of the Hebrew Alphabet. He developed this philosophy in 1977 and it will eventually have a profound effect on all the fields of science and the study of religion.

     God’s Day of Judgment; The Real Cause of Global Warming is a unique book. It provides the scientific reason for the polar reversals and ice ages. It also answers the age-old religious question: What is God’s Day of Judgment and when will it happen? The author discovered that in Genesis it actually has the exact month, day and year the next polar reversal will occur

     The thrust of Mr. Vogt’s book is to fully explain the cause of the polar reversal (geomagnetic reversal) and resulting ice age located in Chapter 8. At the time of the polar reversal, our Sun novas and that eventually causes the ice age. The matter theory of existence, we are currently taught, does not show or explain any connection between what happens in the center of the Earth and the center of the Sun, but the geological evidence on the Earth and Moon show there is one. The model used to explain the mysteries of the ice age and why the Sun novas at the same time as the geomagnetic reversal is called the Theory of Multidimensional Reality. This theory was first developed by Mr. Vogt between 1975 to 1977 and published in 1978. That landmark book, Reality Revealed, the Theory of Multidimensional Reality is the first information theory of existence that explains most of the phenomena in physics.

     Mr. Vogt is the first person in 2600 year that discovered the real Mount Sinai. The author explains how the Ark, the Tabernacle and the Rod of God worked and shows pictures of many of the altars he discovered during his two expeditions to the Sinai, Egypt.

     One of his most proud discoveries is to discover the model that created the original 22-Hebrew letters. Normally you would not think this would be a major scientific discovery but it was. The original Hebrew alphabet is 22 views of a waveform that is a modified square wave superimposed on a toroid (Chapter 4). This model of a toroid is a model of how the carbon atom comes into existence as three-dimensional matter. Every single “letter” is formed when the waveform crosses the X-axis. The Torah is not what anyone thought. The 22-letters form three distinct shapes; one of them is an octahedron, which in turn forms the Star of David. This very short description does not do the subject justice. You must read Chapter 4 to understand what Mr. Vogt has discovered. In 2016 he expanded this research and wrote book Creation of the Hebrew Alphabet which is important for Bible students.

     The publication of this book marks the first time anyone has scientifically proven the existence of God and His relationship to the Universe. The author provides the groundwork to prove that there is some kind of intelligent design process working in the Universe. For any theory of existence to be correct, it must be able to answer the three most difficult questions in the Universe: Why was the Universe created? If God created the Universe than who created God? And what is man’s purpose in the Universe? The answers to these and other difficult questions are presented.



The Table of Contents are listed below. Samples of some of the chapters are listed below.

The Causes of the Ice Ages and Geomagnetic Reversals (Polar Reversals).


Identifiers: ISBN 9780930808075 (hardcover) ISBN 97809.0808082 (paperback)

Subjects: LCSH: 1. Science—Philosophy. 2. Religion—Philosophy. 3. Reality. 4. Geomagnetic reversals. 5. Parapsychology. I. Title.

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Pages: 496 pages, 25 pages of endnotes. Index, Bibliography.



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Table of Contents


Chapter 1:  Introduction

    In the Beginning

Chapter 2: God’s Unit of Measure

    Secret Numbers Revealed in the Hebrew Scriptures

    The Hebrew Scriptures and Numbers

Chapter 3: The Theory of Multidimensional Reality  

    Defining the problem

    The Theory of Multidimensional Reality

    Creating analogies to describe an Information Theory of Existence

    Applications of the Theory of Multidimensional Reality

Chapter 4: The Hebrew Alphabet

    The Creation of the Alphabet

    The Letter Groupings

    Creating the Biblical Surface Story

    What is the Torah?

Chapter 5:  The Cave

    Other Legends About an Advanced Civilization

    Developing a Working Theory

Chapter 6: The Rod of God

    Multiple Appearances of the Rod of God

    What is the Rod?

Chapter 7: The Ark of the Covenant 

    Description of the Ark, Tabernacle, and Sacrificial Altar

    What was the Ark of the Covenant?

Chapter 8; The Polar Reversal and the Ice Age

    Other Theories to Explain the Causes of the Ice Ages

    Causes of the Ice Ages and their dating

    The Evidence

    The Oceans Reveal it All

    The Sun and the Nova

    Evidence on Mars.

    Effects on the Earth

    The Magnetic field of the Earth

Chapter 9: Philosophies of the Universe

    Other Civilizations — same Philosophy

    The Hebrews Knew the Whole Thing

    The Greeks

    Philosophies and Mythologies of India

    Philosophies and Mythologies of China

Chapter 10: Prophecies of the End of Days

    The Prophecies Covered

    How do Prophecies Happen?

Chapter 11:  Timelines and Patterns

    The Issue of Free Will

Chapter 12: Why was the Universe Created?

    In the Beginning . . .

Appendix A: Table of Stars, Open Clusters and Globular Clusters

Appendix B: Gravitational Tests

    The Oregon Vortex® Experiments on June 2, 1996

    The Santa Cruz Mystery Spot Experiments


Appendix C: Moses’ Code System

    The Biblical Code Systems

Appendix D: The Prophet and Priest Baruch

    Thanks to Baruch

    Who was Baruch Related to?



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