Vector Associates has been publishing religious and science oriented books since 1977. Our first book was Reality Revealed, The Theory of Multidimensional Reality. This philosophy of science book is the first time in history anyone has presented an information theory of existence and applied the theory to many of the hard phenomena in Physics, geophysics and other science fields. The book also applied the theory to many physic phenomena with great logical success. Many movies have used the ideas presented in that book such as The Thirteenth Floor, The Matrix, Knowing, 2012, Lucy and others. The book was the first time anyone had explained the causes of the ice ages and geomagnetic reversals and why the reversal happens just before the ice age and mass extinctions.

     We try to publish subjects that have a major impact on civilization or its institutions. We publish books about original discoveries in science, religion, and history. More than not they overlap. Our books on Bible study are a secular presentation so both Jewish and Christian readers can learn from what is presented. Our science books introduce an alternate view of existence, which states that the Universe is the product of information and matter is not the dominant thing in the Universe.

     The sciences and religions are plagued with incorrect information. The sciences are plagued with a matter oriented theory of existence they inherited from the works of Aristotle and taught by the Catholic church for eighteen hundred years. Only the top scholars in Roman history know his real identity, but his matter-oriented philosophy affected all of the scientists and philosophers of the 18th and 19th century. Most scientists do not even know why we have this matter-oriented theory of existence or who started it. If they did know the truth they never would have continued with this false philosophy. Eventually a scientific philosophy falls apart when it reaches it limits of application. Such is the case now when it was used to try to explain the Big Bang—something cannot come from nothing. There must be a source for the matter and that is information. The other major unanswered phenomena the current science philosophy cannot answer are: What is mass? What is gravity? What is light? What is magnetism? The Theory of Multidimensional Reality explains all of them as well as many other phenomena. Our science books introduce an alternate view of existence, which states that the Universe is the product of information and matter is not the dominant thing in the Universe.


The Affect of the Theory of Multidimensional Reality on Religion

     The author of many of our books is Mr. Douglas Vogt. His science philosophy enabled him to discover the length of the sacred cubit and as a result a whole code system Moses had inserted into the Torah. The exact number of years between geomagnetic reversals (polar reversals) is embedded in the Torah in various ways.

     His information theory of existence also enabled him to discover the actual model that created the Hebrew alphabet. All the proof is in the book Creation of the Hebrew Alphabet. There are seven unusual statements made about the Torah and all are hard to believe for the modern man. All those statements are true because Creation of the Hebrew Alphabet explains what the Torah really is and why it is all true.

     All of this authors’ books will change your perception on life and forces you to look at reality totally differently. Some reviews have called his books “Excellent reference, should be substituted for current Physics,” “Absolutely the most important book in the universe.” “Douglas Vogt is the real-life Morpheus.”


About the Author

     Mr Vogt is a science writer/researcher and professional member of the Geological Society of America. He has been studying the causes of the Geomagnetic reversals and ice ages since 1971. He is the first person to discover why the ice age happens immediately after the reversal. There is periodical global warming but it is due to the solar activity not mankind or carbon. He is the first person in 2,584 years to find the real Mount Sinai and all the altars Moses mentions in the Torah. He is also the first person 2,582 years to find the real Abraham's altar.

     The author is one of the few people who has read the Journals Science, Nature, Geology from the 1950s to the 1990s. What he repeatedly noticed was that many times the journal articles contradicted what was taught in the textbooks. The author is trying to get other scientists to look at reality differently because we do not have the luxury of a lot of time.

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