Reality Revealed, The Theory of Multidimensional Reality

Since its first publication in 1978, Reality Revealed has influenced the following movies. They took the idea that the universe was the product of information: The 13th Floor, The Matrix, Lucy, The Idea that the sun either novae or caused the ice ages are: 2012 and Knowing, both by the same producer.

      Reality Revealed, the Theory of Multidimensional Reality was reclassified by one the US Governments intelligence agencies on April 4, 1994 to Q175, Science Philosophy. They thought the book was that important.  the Theory has gone through three iterations since then.

      This historically important philosophy of science book is the first in history to theorize the Universe is the product of information. The Theory of Multidimensional Reality is the first information theory of existence. It is able to explain many of the hardest phenomena in the Universe such as: the causes of the ice ages, polar reversals, mass extinctions, gravity, light, pyramid energy, Kirlian photography, psychic phenomena, and more. the Table of Contents is listed below. We offer free downloads in text format of the whole book.


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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 The Video Tape Analogy, How information becomes matter. 1

Chapter 2 Nikola Tesla, His theoretical discoveries and invention. 21

Chapter 3 Magnetism and Gravity, Electron formation; definition of the 8 dimensions, magnetic fluctuations and polar reversals.29

Chapter 4 Light, Electromagnetic properties of light. 89

Chapter 5 The Atom, Particles or waves; subatomic particles.105

Chapter 6 Astronomy, Quasars; black holes; novas and the cause of the Ice Age.137

Chapter 7 Kirlian Photography, Causes of the aura; the phantom leaf effect. 189

Chapter 8 Psychic Phenomena, What psychic energy is; the attraction of time warps; the Uri Gellar effects; the source of our existence. 205

Chapter 9 Crystals, The octahedron; crystal formation; snow crystals; The Star of David. 259

Chapter 10 Pyramids, Pyramid energy; the Time Phase Shift. 285

Chapter 11 Mythologies of the World, Ancient Legends of a cataclysm from all over the world. 327

Chapter 12 Man's Destiny, Scientific determination of the polar reversal; the solar expansion; decay of the Earth's magnetic field; Old and New Testament prophecies. 421

Glossary 455

Index 459



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