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The True Authorship Of The New Testament by Abelard Reuchlin


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Publication Date: November 1979

The True Authorship of the New Testament is the first book that explains the true authorship of the New Testament. It has been advertised and sold in magazines since 1979 and no one has claimed the $1,416.19 challenge the Foundation has offered to anyone who can disprove their thesis that the Calpurnius Piso's of Rome wrote the New Testament.

This historically important book was written by an author who was wondering why slick former Jews were getting into the evangelism business and fleecing Christians of their money, all in the name of Jesus. His 35 year research has uncovered the whole horrible truth, namely that Christianity was created by the Calpurnius Piso's of Rome. It is a fictional story used by the Piso's to take over Rome, which they eventually did after 136 c.e. They also forced the Jews to insert into their religious books many of Piso's own works to create prophecies for the coming of his fictional character,Jesus.

Paperback: $15.00

If you are a Priest, Pastor or Moslem, this book, as well as the other works by this author, are a must read if you are to get a head in your respective organizations. All your top leadership know this information--why don't you? Of course after you read all this historical proof, and we will assume you are an honest man, you can no longer, in good conscious, be a Christian.

If you are curious about Christianity and its true authors, you must read this booklet and give it too your friends. As Pisos' story says "the Truth shall set ye free." Just no one thought it was free from his own story. Abelard Reuchlin has offered a $1,416.19 challenge to anyone who can disprove his theses that the Calpurnius Piso’s of Rome wrote the New Testament and created the Church. Since 1979 no one has attempted it. After you read it you will realize why. There is just too much proof the Piso’s themselves put into the gospels that point to them.

The Name Satan

For those Christians and Muslims that are worried about Satan, we will put your mind at ease. The name and the concept of Satan, the Devil, Lucifer etc. was created by Arius Calpurnius Piso. What’s interesting is he also played the part in the story. Click on this link and find out what he did. Explanation for the name of Satan.

Table of Contents
Section 1
The Great Secret
Section 2
The Jews Reject the Story
Section 3
The Authorship of the New Testament Books
Section 4
The Numerical Code System
Section 5
Sounds, Animals and Allusions
Section 6
The Family in the New Testament
Section 7
The Creastion of the Church
Section 8
How to Find Josephus as the Author
Section 9
The Proof That Josephus Was Really Calpurnius Piso
Section 10
The Inner Circle
Section 11
The Truth Makes Free
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